Sunday, May 21, 2017


Our marriage was fixed. One day, along with my sister we went to watch a Malayalam movie. The show was houseful. We were standing depressed not knowing what to do when I saw my knight in shining armor walking towards us. He flourished two tickets in front of us and told us to accept it. We thanked him profusely.
On reaching the alloted seats, my sister noticed Venu coming and quickly exchanged our seats so that her seat was next to Venu.
Later Venu said he felt like killing my sister for her act and had kept watching me and not the movie.
Then came to know from Venu's brother that Venu seeing us standing so forlorn had snatched his brother's and his friend's tickets and given us and the poor things had to go without seeing the movie.
He said after getting married he was not interested in seeing Malayalam movies as he had already got a wife, so there was no need to ogle at ladies anymore.
Venu always joked that whenever Anu scolded Pravin, he would sit in the balcony as he didn't want neighbors to think, his wife was scolding him.
Another post in memory of my beloved venu. Memories running out. Have to think hard for more incidents.
I had gone to pick up Pravin when he was studying in LKG.
I befriended a Bengali lady whose son too was studying with Pravin. We became very friendly. I told her Pravin's father was in Dubai.
One day I was waiting for Pravin and suddenly hear a loud voice calling out in Bengali,' Oh to ye ki Probiner baba? which meant oh, so is this Pravin's father?
I panicked not knowing what she meant and chanced to see a really handsome, tall, fair young sardar with googgles on.I had not realized that I was standing close to him. and exclaimed that he was not the father.
Wonder what the sardar thought.
I narrated the incident to Venu and he found it amusing.
While moving to Chennai, I came to know that a sardar was opening a school (Anna Adarsh) close to where we Annanagar, Shanthi Colony.
Venu immediately shot back. ' I am sure the sardar followed you to Chennal and opened a school here'.
Venu always worried how I would survive without him. Have to show him that I will survive and fulfill his desires. I am sure he is watching down on me and blessing me.
The only solace, I took great care of him till he breathed his last and also received his blessings when alive. He would say that even he would not have been able to take care of me as I cared for him if I was in his place and that he was blessed to have me for his wife. Food for the soul I did not break down or shed tears initially but tried my best to revive him knowing well it was not possible. God surely gives courage in times of need. I will live and make him smile from above.

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