Friday, May 19, 2017

Sweet memories

While working in The Times of India, Venu's Hindu colleague was in love with a Christian colleague. One day she was found weeping and coming to know about the incident, the manager unaware of the person she loved asked her if it was Venu. She replied in the negative.
One day a few friends decided to get them married. Venu told the lady to pack up some of her belongings and get into the car that would be waiting down.
There was this driver, partner in all crimes who was supposed to turn the car and wait since it was a narrow lane. He didn't. When she got into the car, it was like some film scene. The driver recklessly turned the car with much trouble with her people getting close, managed to turn and sped away.
Both the colleagues were helped to get married, a home located and all essential things bought for the house.
Her brother, an armyman on returning and coming to know of the incident came in search of Venu, the hero but the villain for him. He came wielding a knife asking for Venu. He had not seen him before.
 The manager, hearing all commotion was put up in his room rotating the runaway bride's small niece on the rotating chair keeping off from all the problem going on.
When Venu came and introduced, he gave him a piece of his mind saying his sister was supposed to be a nun.
Venu started talking of communism saying Jesus Christ was a communist and so on. The brother got shocked and said' You are Satan'.
Seeing him entering the office with a knife, the hawkers (all Venu's friends) barged into the room to help Venu.
The brother left not able to challenge Venu.
Finally, the couple were accepted and the colleague was the most loved son-in-law.

Once while travelling by train, there was only one berth for both Venu and me. Venu was in an unalloted berth. When TT came and enquired, venu said a lady was using his berth and he can ask her to vacate.
People in the couch looked shocked because the lady Venu mentioned was me. The TT too was speechless and finally alloted Venu a berth.

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