Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Kolkatta incident

Another laugh gag!!
This took place years back when pheno was studying in UKG. 

I befriended a very loud mouthed Bengali lady whose son was studying with pheno. 
Those days I was the father and mother to my son as venu was away in Dubai. 
One fine day, as I was waiting for my son at the school premises, my loud mouthed friend arrived and her question in Begali from behind - tho eitha Probiner baba (so this is Pravin's father)shook me from my thoughts.
Turning around in shock, I noticed a very tall, fair and handsome sardarji with goggles on standing close to me. 
I moved away in embarrassment and chided my friend for her outburst. Venu was amused when I narrated this incident. 
A few years later we shifted to Chennai into our new home and came to know that a Sardar had opened a school near my home.
Venu pointed it out and told me that the Kolkatta Sardar had purposely opened a school close to my house.

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