Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Chase

One fine afternoon while returning from the market, I saw the cylinder delivery van moving off from my building. I thrust my shopping on the security and ran behind the van for some distance.
Luckily, an auto driver stopped, I jumped into it much to the driver's shock, and he was even more shocked when I told him to chase the van.

The shocked auto driver hesitated, but when I told him that if I missed it, it was difficult to rebook. Maybe, he felt a compassion seeing my woebegone face and started chasing.
We went a full turn, but the van was nowhere in sight. So we had to return. The auto driver really looked  forlorn at the great miss. 

Sheer waste of energy, money and time!!! Now I wonder whether the cylinder was for me. There was no 'missed you' card at the entrance!!

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