Monday, October 14, 2013

The cooking experience

Though I was supposed to be a good roti maker and other snack and sweet items, I was a novice at making string hoppers, idiappam as called in the south.
Without having learnt the method, I thought I was good at it and told my husband of a few months that I was making idiappam and mutton curry for dinner.
Venu, my husband, was elated and waited impatiently for the delicious dinner.
Unfortunately, the rice dough refused to come out from the mould after I used all my strength to press it.
I called out to Venu for help and in spite of both of us trying together, the idiappam refused to come out. Venu ran to our dhobhi, a young and healthy young man who joined him in the Herculian task.
Somehow both of them managed to gather some amount of idiappam. Later when Venu went to the room, he saw the dhobhi waiting.
Venu wanted to know what he wanted and pat came the reply. " Sab, Eisa cheech mai ab tak nahi dekha, mughe to is cheech khana hi hai! (I have never seen such an eatable, I surely want to taste it.)
All said and done, now I am good at making idiappam.
In fact idiappam flour has to be cooked, and I had tried making with raw flour, so the hardship faced.

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