Sunday, October 13, 2013

I pray to Lord Ganapathy, (especially the Lord Ganapathy in Edapally, Cochin who is supposed to be very powerful).  
Whenever something needs to be done or to retrieve lost things which seems to have disappeared completely from the house( the fact remains that the lost item/items should be in the house and not expect the lord to travel all over to retrieve it for me), I pray to Lord Ganapathy.
One day, one well known soothsayer said in Hindi- Ek din Sud nikalegha aur marega!! meaning -one day a trunk will appear and hit you. 
It so happened that while on the way to Hyderabad from Chennai by car to drop Pheno at his new workplace, Venu told me that we will be going past Kalahasti temple.
Since I was longing to visit it for a long time, we stopped to have a darshan.
After a lovely darshan, while coming out, I saw a baby elephant blessing the devotees. Pheno went and got its blessings, and then it was my turn. 

I went and in silence and devotion bowed my head to get the blessings.
I was taken aback when all I got was a strong whack on my head. I went dizzy, my hairdo opened and the clip holding it fell off, and I staggered on my feet. (It was god's grace that it was a baby elephant).
When I came to my senses, I told my son that it was wicked of the elephant to have blessed me in such a manner.

He asked me whether I had given some money to the elephant. When I replied in the negative, he told me laughingly that it was its way of blessing a person who did not give it money. 
All said and done, I was reminded of the prophecy of the soothsayer. The soothsayer was no one else but my son Pheno (Pravin) Menon.

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