Friday, October 25, 2013

An unforgettable day

The incident took place in Delhi in the 90s.
My husband was invited to a Parsi lunch hosted by Mr Irani from The Statesman.
He took me along to the sprawling venue which was guarded by Black Cats.
Upon entering, I noticed Mr TN Sheshan, his wife, Late Mr. Madhavrao Scindia and  BBC news reporter Mark Tully.
I got friendly with Mr Sheshan's wife and it was a pleasant surprise to know that she hailed from my native place in Kerala.
She narrated how Mr Sheshan had given up coffee when she chided him for excessive drinking when I noticed that he was not accepting coffee when served..
Then it was time to gorge on the delicious Parsi spread.
There was this gentleman sitting next to me describing each and every preparation.
I relished the dessert which the gentleman said was called rabadi and proceeded to give the receipe.
A very friendly person.
After lunch, as I was getting up, my sari got caught under the chair. Mr Madhavrao Scindia who was sitting two chairs away, quickly got up, pushed back the chair so that I could retrieve my sari.
A true gentleman!!
Before leaving, I bade goodbye to Mrs Sheshan and she did the same cordially.
In the car back home, Venu was really shocked at what happened.
He told me that the person sitting next to be was the host Mr Irani, and I was very casually talking to him. Not only that, he told me that I patted the back of Mrs. Sheshan before leaving like she was some well known friend.
Overall it was an unforgettable day.


KParthasarathi said...

Enjoyable reading.It comes only to a few highly placed people to be humble and put at ease those who are slightly lower.
Is Venu referred to by you by any chance the famous journo?

anuprabha v said...

No Sir. he was an employee o The Times of India.
This invite was when he was working for Pressman.