Sunday, October 13, 2013

Case of the missing car

During the final day of the Eat festival ( organised by Rotary 3230)on Eliot's Beach, Chennai, our driver frantically announced that our car was missing.
He had gone for dinner and on returning found that the car was not in its place. A few rotarians got into action.
The Jnt commissioner was informed and an FIR filed at the nearest police station. All were feeling bad for such a tragic end to a geat show.
As usual, I prayed to Lord Ganesha, who very often listens to me. Returning home in a cab, when we reached home, I had a lump in my heart seeing the garage empty.
 Venu on the other hand was afraid of all the car smuggling racket and wondered that when very expensive cars were at the venue why any thief should target our poor summer blue Indigo ECS.
There was a feeling of hope that the car would be found and prayed with all my heart hoping beyond hope to get the car back. 
On returning by cab, I felt a heavy lump in my throat seeing the garage empty and fought back tears. Early morning, we were awakened from our slumber by a call from the police station informing that our car had been located at the same place it was parked. 
Our old driver who had gone to have dinner had gone looking at a different place and panicked when he did not see the car, thinking it was the place he had parked it. 
The police had never come across such an incident!!! you can guess what they would have said. 
All in all a comedy of errors.
Really happy to see our car back where it belongs!!

A summer blue Indigo car


sridevi Datta said...

That was such a fun incident .Indeed Lord Ganesha had listened to your prayers :)

anuprabha v said...

Thank you for enjoying my article!!