Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Health is wealth



Health is wealth is a well known saying which everyone should follow.
Many youngsters these days feel it is a fashion to smoke, drink and do all sorts of unwanted things without realizing what such a lifestyle will do to them in the future.
For a moment's enjoyment, they are ruining their whole life.
Drug addicts and heavy smokers are at a risk.
They are not only ruining themselves, but society at large.
A true story is of a 15 year old girl, a very good student who falls in the company of a rich classmate( a girl) whose mother is a socialite and does not have time for her.
Both the girls spend time with boys who are drug addicts.
The father of the middleclass girl is overpossessive of her and keeps forcing her to get better and better marks. The girl is exasperated and starts hating her father and finds calm in her friend's company.
She bluffs about going to school and the lie is found out one day when the prinicipal calls up the father regarding his daughter's absence from school.
When the parents come to know of her drug addiction, they are heartbroken.
She is admitted to a rehabilitation center for recovering.
The father is asked to handle her with love and affection.
Thinking that if she had her mobile with her she will again begin to talk to her friends, the father takes her mobile away.
All day long she is under house arrest and occasionally turns wild asking for some money to buy drugs.
When refused, she is like someone possessed.
One day she runs into her room locking the door refusing to come out.
The parent's and sister's screams do not have any effect. All are scared and has the door broken open.
They find the girl hanging from the ceiling.
A sad end to a young life.
Please keep away from drugs. It will make you inhuman, spoil your health and lead to your destruction.

Linking this to A-Z challenge. H is for Health is wealth.



Unknown said...

Powerful post and one I fully agree with. Kids will experiment, explore, and there isn't a whole lot we can do to prevent it. But education is the key, especially in this day and age.

Carrie~Anne at That Dizzy Chick

Unknown said...

Wow!!!! That was a brilliant one!!!! I loved this. So far the best one!!! "Health is indeed wealth"

Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
Smile, it makes (y)our day!

Nabanita said...

So scary to think that these things happen on real life...SO sad when a young and promising life is lost..
Random Thoughts Naba

sulekkha said...

Sad tale. Say no to drugs and try and help those addicted by informing the responsible adults.

Anonymous said...

Strong post! Loved it!

Battered Hope said...

Such a tough subject- so many temptations for kids. Great post

Carol @ Battered Hope