Friday, April 25, 2014

Worth watching/ Wine Incident



                                                                    What's that?


      A very inspiring and thoughtful video about a father, son and a sparrow.

Linking this to A-Z challenge. W is for What's that?

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Wine is my weakness. The  incident took place in Kolkatta when I was newly married.( 1977) . 
Venu and I were invited to a friend's house for a dinner party. 
Upon going there, I saw that it was a lavish party with a large gathering.
We were ushered into the friend's stylish bar and offered drinks.
I was given a small goblet (I was seeing such a glass for the first time) and my husband was offered a bigger glass. 

The friend then poured whisky in the bigger glass and poured what he called a 'Lady's drink' into my goblet. Everything was new to me. 
It so happened that when the friend filled my goblet with wine, (I came to know that the drink was called wine) I gulped it down. 
He kept pouring and I kept gulping without knowing that it should be sipped little by little. Finally, the exasperated friend showed venu the empty bottle.
Venu looked shell-shocked. The friend then told Venu, "Either your wife is a drunkard or she does not know what this is". Luckily, I was in my senses throughout the party.

Maybe, that incident made me fall in love with wine. So at times, I whine for some wine!!

Linking this to A-Z challenge. W is for  What's That?/Wine Incident
Wine Incident


Rajlakshmi said...

You were in your senses even after gulping down so much... wow :P I get dizzy after two glasses :)

Sunila said...

Well done Anu :D Haha that was a funny account of your love at 1st sight with wine :)Cute post.

Sunila said...

Anu well done 1 bottle at the first go :) loved this post abt how u fell in love with wine. I'm fond of it too :)

PhenoMenon said...

The affair with wine still continues.......... :D