Sunday, April 13, 2014

Learning and teaching is not anymore traditional.



Learning and teaching is not traditional anymore.
There was a saying Spare the rod and spoil the child.
Caning a child for misbehavior is tolerable, but teachers in the modern age have become tormentors. There is physical abuse by sadist teachers, mental torment where a student studying in class 10 committed suicide, bones broken, eyes damaged with the wooden duster being thrown at the student and lots more. There are cases of girl students eloping with male teachers and even a lady teacher luring a male student.
There was a case of a student stabbing his teacher to death. There are cases in the US where students shoot down everyone at random.
I think rather than burying students in books, they should be given training on how to conduct themselves in society.
Like charity begins at home, good ethics too must start from home.
It is the duty of the parents especially mothers to train their daughters on how to behave before marriage and after marriage.
Couples should keep their fights and uncivilized talks and behavior away from their children. Not be over possessive about themselves as well as their children.
Give each other space and be free of doubts. It is a knowledgeable couple who can bring forth responsible children.
Only when human behavior changes for the better can we think of a civilized society or else there won't be any difference between humans and animals.

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Loni Townsend said...

Good post. I especially agree with: "Like charity begins at home, good ethics too must start from home." It shouldn't be left to the teachers to raise our children for us.

Shailaja V said...

As you have rightly said, learning is more important than rote education. I see children speak without respect, act arrogantly and misbehave. These things can be easily curtailed at home. Sigh...