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Xanadu takes me down memory lane. I was an ardent fan of Indrajal comics as a child and would eagerly wait for my father to bring  a copy. Zanadu is the high-security mansion where Mandrake the Magician lived. He was the main character in the Indrajal Comics.  He was a master-illusionist, thanks to his incredible hypnotic powers.  These magical abilities stood 
 him in good stead as a crime-fighter - a career he chose after leaving the Collegium Magikos where he grew up and was trained in magic by the grandmaster Theron.  A wealthy man, Mandrake lived with his girlfriend Narda, sidekick Lothar and chef Hojo.. Usually dressed in his trade-mark magician's top-hat, coat and tails and cape, he frequently sallied out of Xanadu to solve crimes. 

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Linking this to A-Z challenge. X is for Xanadu.


PhenoMenon said...

One of my fav after Phantom

Shailaja V said...

Anu, you brought back lovely memories of my childhood. I would eagerly visit the lending library near my home and wait for those Mandrake comics. Some happy moments there. Great choice for X!

Sunila said...

Wow Anu, this took me down the lane to childhood :) I loved Indrajal comics too, the magic and the valour :)

Lisa Mandina said...

Very interesting! All I know of Xanadu is that there was a roller skating movie with Olivia Newton-John in it, which I never saw. If you have time, and want to, you can check out my X post.

Rajlakshmi said...

aww that's a nostalgic post. I never missed Mandrake section in the newspaper :)