Friday, April 11, 2014

Knowledge is power


Knowledge is power is an apt saying.
These days all efforts are being put in to educate women.
Empowerment of women is the new mantra.
Female infanticides have reduced and girl children being welcomed.
A doctor in Gujarat took a vow to take care of the expenses of the girl child delivered in his hospital.

Girls are essential agents of change in breaking the cycle of poverty and deprivation: By investing in their economic potential through education and by delaying child marriage, multiple issues such as maternal mortality, child survival, gender-based violence and HIV can be resolved and the cycle of poverty can be broken.
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An educated woman educates entire society.
In modern days, women are not confined to the four walls, cook and clean and rear children.
She is at par with a man whether it be as a pilot, in the army, in the police force or as a collector.
Nowadays, there are women pilots, woman police officers (how can one forget Kiren Bedi) ( bus drivers, auto drivers  and they work at petrol bunks.
Now there is no need to differentiate between a boy child and a girl child since both are capable.
So parents with girl children, please be proud of your girl children. and educate them as you would educate your sons.
Education will help them to avoid being dormats and live with heads held high.

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Nabanita said...

Truly knowledge is power, especially essential for women ... I hope and pray that more and more people educate their girl children...

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Unknown said...

indeed knowledge is power that keeps world sane!!

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anuprabha v said...

Thanks all for appreciating my post on K- Knowledge is Power.

sulekkha said...

Empowerment is the key to a happy society....women need to be encouraged to study and stand on their own feet. Lovely post...

Evan / Banned Library said...

Well sai.