Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nepal elephant ride


Nepal elephant ride
The unforgettable ride  took took place in the early 80s.
Along with my mom, husband and son, we went for an elephant ride in a safari park in Nepal.
It was the monsoon weather, so everyone talked to us against taking the ride on such a bad weather.
Since we thought that the elephant was going to make a simple circle around the park, we decided to take the ride.
Much to everyone's chagrin, the elephant started climbing a hill where there was a temple dedicated to a goddess- Vanadevata.
As the elephant started climbing the steep hill, its feet were slipping on the loosened mud. I noticed that the elephant had climbed a long way and the gorge below was frightening. I was expecting the elephant to slip and hurtle down.
I closed my eyes praying fervently while my mom who had given up praying after the death of my father was calling out to Lord Ganesha.
The mahout was  hitting the elephant occasionally to make it walk faster much to my shock.
After a long time, the elephant halted in front of the temple. We offered our prayers and soon it was the return journey down. With thumping hearts, we sat on the elephant which managed to bring us down in one piece.
My husband enquired if there was any untoward happening during the monsoon season.
It was heartening to know that there were no frightening cases.
He offered the mahout double the amount that was quoted for bringing us back safely.

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Unknown said...

Wow.. I wish I could take this elephant ride too!! Awesome :)

Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
Smile, it makes (y)our day!

sulekkha said...

You were lucky. I had gone to Vaishno Devi temple in Jammu and declined the horde ride to the top because of this fear of heights and riding :)

Nabanita said...

Must have been quite an experience no? Heart in the mouth kind..
N for Nauseated-Random Thoughts Naba

Shailaja V said...

You must have called on all the Gods in the Panteon during that trip! How scary. Now I will think twice before climbing a mountain on an elephant ;)