Friday, April 4, 2014

The car mystery

The car mystery  took place in the year 2012 on Eliot's beach where we had the eat festival.
It was conducted by Rotary district 3230.
Late night when the festival closed for the day, our driver looking really scared as he informed that our car was missing.
My distraught husband immediately called a rotarian friend who knew the commissioner well and a message was sent..

The local police station was alerted. All present were upset at what happened to an exciting evening.
All along, I felt that our car was somewhere close by and nothing had happened. I always pray to Lord Ganesha when something like this happens. I was scared to tell my husband what was in my mind when we took a taxi to reach home.
On reaching home, I was literally in tears to see the empty garage.
Next day early morning there was a call from the police station informing that our car was located.

There was a showdown by the inspector who said that the car was found in the same place where it was parked.
Our driver had forgotten the place and mistook another place for having parked the car.
It was a real comedy of errors and everyone still teases us about it.

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