Monday, April 14, 2014

Monkey menace.



Monkeys ruled the roost in our society when we were staying in Delhi in the mid 90s.
Groups of monkeys used to bask in the sun at the back side of the building during peak winter months.
They used to terrorize adults and children, snatch shopping bags and snarl at people.
Once a  relative who had come for a wedding was going out with her husband when a huge monkey tugged at the husband's belt and stood up equal to him in height (the man was over six feet).
The wife seeing this let out a scream and brandished her handbag at the monkey thinking of saving her husband.
The infuriated monkey turned towards her and bit deeply on her thigh.
She had to be administered rabies injection.
The monkeys used to shift places as per their convenience.
One day thinking that the monkeys would'be at the back side. I decided to take the front entrance to avoid coming in contact with them.
To my chagrin, I walked straight into a circle of monkeys behind a bush at the front entrance.
I stood rooted with shock. A big monkey came up to me and knocked off my shopping bag and started searching the contents.
I let out a piercing shriek which frightened the monkey, and it fled along with the other monkeys.

When my relative came to know of the incident, she was upset saying that she recited Hanuman Chalisa everyday, and in spite of it got bitten by a monkey. Wonder what made the monkey leave me unharmed! Maybe, Lord Hanuman was watching and took pity on me.

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M is for Monkeys.
Monkey menace


Nisha said...

Hehe! Hanuman Chalisa to shoo the monkeys away... wonder what should we recite for stray dogs!
A lot of cities still have monkeys walking in groups... the sight is really scary. Why just monkeys, these chain snatchers these days are as frightening. Worse than animals, right?

Nabanita said...

This reminded me of the Monkey Man incident...

M for Motherly-Random Thoughts Naba

Unknown said...

I once went to mysore temple.. that big bull temple and monkey came and sat on me and my friend and it scratched us :(

Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
Smile, it makes (y)our day!

Shailaja V said...

Oh, this was a scary one, Anu!! I have a monkey menace in my society here, but they generally raid the homes for food and then leave. But, this is frightening!!