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Jealousy is one of the seven deadly sins.
Jealous people can never think straight. They are more worried about others than themselves.
They can stoop to any length to have their way.
There are incidents of  a colleague murdering his friend through sheer jealousy at his progress, a business partner murdering his partner's son over some conflict between them. Anger and jealousy make people involve in acid attacks, shootings and stabbings.
There are true cases of such incidents taking place in places like Delhi, Kolkatta etc.
Jealousy is a very destructive emotion not only for the person concerned but also for the victims.

 The stories I can think of is the woodcutter and the axe and Alibaba and the 40 thieves.
The jealous woodcutter seeing the golden axe with the honest woodcutter is consumed with jealousy and realizes when it is too late.
Alibaba's brother's wife is jealous of Alibaba's good fortune and forces her husband to bring some treasure for themselves. The wife's jealousy and greed ends in misfortune. The husband is caught while getting the treasure and killed..

Seen incidents where jealous wives in order to compete with rich neighbors pester their husbands to buy them expensive items which make the husbands take loans and struggle life long.

Neither the husbands nor the wives are happy.

Jealousy is indeed a green eyed monster, and it is better to keep away from it before it consumes us.

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 J is for jealousy.


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Nabanita said...

True this kind of jealousy is dangerous...
Ironically I too wrote about Jealousy today..I guess like the most of us :)

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Unknown said...

So true!!! Jealousy should be removed for happy living!! Tough but we should do it!

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Shailaja V said...

The green-eyed monster is good for nobody. Well said, Anu!

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Sitara said...

So true about being Jealous....

Battered Hope said...

Jealousy has ruined so many relationships ranging from friendships to marriages. It is a toxic emotion

Carol @ Battered Hope