Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Terrifying night


Terrifying Night
The experience that I had as a child in Kolkatta is really unforgettable
One day as I was having dinner all alone, I felt something pulling my toe from under the table.
I couregously looked under and got a fright to see something big and dark moving to and fro.
I panicked, took to my heels with all the strength I had crying out, " A ghost", and ran to my parents room and collapsed.

My mother, a courageous woman, wanted to prove that ghosts did not exist. She carried me to the room and looked under the table and lo and behold!, it was a mosquito net freshly dried that had dropped off the chair and comfortably settled under the table. The rope had got entangled on my toe, so as I moved my leg, the net too had moved to and fro.
Even now, this incident is narrated to children and they have a good laugh.

An apt example for the proverb- Look before you leap.

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Anonymous said...

You could laugh about it later, but till you knew the truth, you must have been truly and totally terrified!

Rajlakshmi said...

hahaha that would have scared me too :D

Sunila said...

Anu, what scares us can be funny later, same as with life, well done to your mum, nice post :)