Friday, April 18, 2014

Rickshaw puller




Rickshaws are a very popular transport in Kolkatta. I get onto a rickshaw not because I love to save time but to provide some money to the hardworking rickshawpullers whose livehood are the rickshaws.

One day along with my mom-in-law, I decided to go to my parents' house. We got into a tram and got down at the stop.
From the stop, we got into a rickshaw to reach our destination.
While nearing my parents' house, I got down from the rickshaw to buy some sweets.
To my horror, I found that I had lost my wallet. I was at a loss how to pay the sweetmonger when the tired rickshaw puler came up and offered to pay saying I could pay him back when I reached my parents' house.
It was indeed kind of him.

I will ever remain grateful to the kindhearted rickshaw puller.
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I used to stay in an area where rickshaw pullers had their dwellings.
Every night from the adjacent dwelling, I could hear their revelry till late night. Maybe dancing away their blues pulling human loads.

Rickshaw puller
Linking this to A-Z challenge. R is for Rikshaw puller.


Vinitha said...

People like the rickshaw puller make us believe in humanity don't they?

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Unknown said...

A very unique and interesting read!

Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
Smile, it makes (y)our day!

Shailaja V said...

Isn't it wonderful when human nature shows us its best side? What a lovely story about humanity and humility. That rickshaw puller will go far-- pun unintended!