Monday, April 28, 2014

Yadon Ki Baraat



Y for Yadon Ki Baarat

This movie was released in the mid 70's when I was doing my graduation.
Along with a few friends, I bunked classes to see the movie. It had a multi star cast and melodious songs and was a blockbuster  during that time. Amir Khan was a 4 year old boy who grew up to be Tahir Hussain,( Amir Khan's father and younger brother of director Nasir Hussain). Tahir Hussain  was handsome and dashing and swept my friends and me off our feet. My friends kept raving about him.One friend was so smitten that said she did not mind having an affair with him. Each had her own opinion. I was still grounded. May be because I was an ardent fan of Rajesh Khanna during those days. I saw one more of Tahir Hussain's movie- Hum Kissi se Kam Nahi. Wonder why he did not act in more movies?

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Sunila said...

Anu :) Delighted with this post, I liked Yaadon ki baaraat very much and don't mind watching it whenever I get a chance.The first time I was very little, maybe seven or eight and I remember that the title song had impressed me greatly even then :)

Rajlakshmi said...

this is one of my favorite movie. The scene when Dharmendra sees his brother is so beautiful and touching. :)